​​​​​Sync City



Episode 1 Scene 1

The Past

I was banging my best mate’s ex-wife when it happened. We—actually, I was about to climax when the room shook. I’d fucked my mate’s ex-missus before—it was far from our first time—but it was the first time the earth moved.

Lights flickered, glasses fell, as ripples shuddered the house. Aftershocks—but we were in the middle of the continent, and earthquakes were rare. I tugged on my shorts and went upstairs. The basement was a bad place to be.

Out on the street, a dozen car alarms were screaming. One had a disembodied voice warning those nearby they were too close and to “back away.” I hated those things; they had dickhead written all over them.

My motorcycle and the one next to it were on their sides. The initial shock had knocked them down. I levered up my bike. It was heavy, as usual. It wasn’t the first time I’d had to pick it up. I did the same for Dave’s ride. He was my next-door neighbor, and he would’ve done the same for me. Besides, a motorbike on its side is truly a sad sight.

I looked up and down the street. People were sticking their heads out their front doors. What the hell was going on? There were the sounds of sirens in the distance; the dual cadences were a combination of fire and ambulance. I later learned that a gas line had ruptured, and a fire was raging. The stink of smoke that later became a permanent backdrop to life on this plane of existence had yet to register.A cop car turned into the street. The officer in the passenger’s seat was on the mic, informing everyone it was “OK” and to “go inside.” Most recognized this for the bullshit it was and stayed outside. The cops that day were ill informed and useless. This was a sign of times to come. It wasn’t the cops’ fault. They hadn’t been trained for the events to follow. I know. Back then I was a cop too.

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