​​​​​Sync City



Episode 1 Scene 16

The Past

I’d forgotten how much Ghillie suits itch and how much bugs like to get into sweaty crevasses. I’d been out in the sun for five or six hours and needed the cool of the evening. I didn’t know when the white-clad dude would be back, but I wanted it to be soon. I’m too old for this shit.

My weapons were basic: two grenades, a handgun, and a Ka-Bar. As far as knives go, the Ka-Bar’s my favorite, and as far as close-quarter weapons go, it comes out on top again. It doesn’t jam, it doesn’t run out of ammo, and when you stick it in someone, they become deeply unhappy.

The daylight and heat bled out of the sky, and the temperature got cooler. I was confident the pattern would be repeated. It needed to be. The two previous attacks reminded me of the initial War Clan skirmishes, only from a distance. The first Clan clashes were limited affairs: they turn up, attack the front door, and kill or get killed. Nothing in the way of a game plan. The creature in white has done the same thing twice. Third strike and it’s out.

The moon had swung halfway up into the night sky when he arrived. He was much later than the first two times, but that made no difference. I was now close enough to see the figure, and it was definitely more male than female. He stopped in the same spot and dismounted. He opened a compartment on the side of the vehicle and pulled out the mechanism I’d seen previously.

He followed the same routine. He placed the mechanism to his eyes, found a target and lowered the device. I could’ve lobbed a grenade then and there, but I wanted to see how it fired. He reached forward and pressed an icon on the screen. A hole puckered open in the rear of his vehicle, there was a quiet whoosh and a projectile spat out. It looked like a gob of silly putty, and ten seconds later, there was a large explosion in the compound, right where the generator had been. Again with the repetition.

The figure stood and watched; I waited. I was betting on him going for the grain storage shed again. He lifted the device to his eyes. He targeted and pressed the icon. Bet won. Time for action.

I exploded from the camouflage and sprinted at him. Shit, lying on the ground all that time had done me no favors. Any stealth was out the window. At the noise, the figure spun around elegantly, and as he did so, I caught sight of the screen. On it was an infrared image of a man wearing a Ghillie suit stumbling across a dark background. I’d been fucking played.

I reached for my gun and started firing before I took accurate aim. I was hoping to shock him into doing something stupid; I needn’t have bothered. The bullets didn’t even make it halfway to him before they dropped to the ground. I tossed the gun at him; same result. I jinked sideways and went into a roll. I’d seen a deepish depression in the earth off to my left. I tumbled into the depression, unclipped a grenade, ripped out the safety pin, and lobbed it in his general direction. It went off. Take that and die.

I slowly raised myself from the shallow ditch. He was nowhere to be seen.

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