Episode 2 Scene 8

The Past

The answers I gave didn’t add a lot to the military’s overall knowledge of the Scythers. That only came after years of conflict between us and them, and the blood cost was extraordinary. All they really needed to know was that Scythers were killable, and I was the first to have done it. In looking at me, the army guessed if I could do it, then others could too. They were nice enough to ask me to stay, to join up again and serve the greater good. I was nice enough to say no. The green machine and I were no longer a natural fit. I wouldn’t have minded boning the colonel, though. I’d never screwed anyone higher than a captain.

My next stop was the road. They armed me, gave me food and water, and even gave me a ride. The motorbike was a gem. I’m not sure where they got it from, but I was damn sure nobody wanted to be riding around on one now that the Scythers were out there. It was green, a solid no-imagination military green, and it ran on diesel. Absolutely awesome. I geared up, got astride the bad boy, and headed for the compound gates. They couldn’t open them quick enough, and I was soon dodging potholes on the road to freedom.

The first community I came across took one look at me and refused to open their gates. They hadn’t had any problems recently and didn’t want an extra nonworking mouth to feed. I had no issue with that. At least they didn’t shoot me. I turned my bike around and headed back to the road. It was getting dark, and I was about to enjoy my first night in the open in months.

I set up camp, made a fire, ate a little, and went to sleep. It was to be the last night in my own era for a long time.

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