​​​​​Sync City



Accolades  for Sync City from Inkshares.com

 The unapologetic attitude starts with the first paragraph. I dig it! 
– Tony Valdez

 Great opening paragraph sets the tone brilliantly for the “Go Screw” attitude of the hard nosed protagonist. Ready to check out more. 
– Adam Mock

 I followed based on premise, and was hooked from the get-go! Can't wait to read more! 
– James Rasile

 Excellent writing. I was ready to ride this ride from the first few lines on! 
– Christopher D. Johnson

 Has a 'no-holds' barred brand of sarcasm that people are either going to love or hate. I love it! 
– G. R. Paskoff

 This book is a must fund now. Go...Pre-order...NOW! 
– Michael Haase

 Peter Ryan pulls you right in: I'd fucked my mate's ex-missus before -- it was far from our first time -- but it was the first time the earth moved. I love the irreverence. 
– Jeremy Thomas

 I know it’s probably not fair to compare an author’s work with another literary or cinematic work, but a few pages into Peter Ryan’s sci-fi powerhouse Sync City, I’m thinking, “Wow, this reminds me so much of Blade Runner” – especially the hardboiled detective underpinnings with the characters and snappy dialogue. The fact that I love Blade Runner should give you a pretty good idea how much I enjoyed Sync City. 
Ryan has penned an exciting, gripping novel about the future and time travel. I really like his premise behind the novel in that the Earth’s timelines are all askew which allows marauding groups from the past and the future are traveling through time, and in the words of the author, “f**king things up.” It is a brilliant idea which Ryan masterfully develops throughout the story. 
Ryan’s got a winner here. Do yourself a favor and take a trip to Sync City. You won’t regret it. 
Jeffrey Miller,The Panama Affair 
– Jeffrey Miller

 Sync City is written to slick and smooth that I dare you to stop reading at any point! The words flow through the pages and you find yourself more and more anxious for what's going to happen next. If you respect your eyes and brain you will pre-order Sync City! 
– James Rasile

 Move over Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher, Peter Ryan has you beat!  In Sync City tough enforcer Jack Trevayne is a no nonsense Keeper  whose job it is to keep the timelines clean.  Right from the start we are left in no doubt that Jack is a mans man who doesn't take no, or a punch in the face for an answer.  Peter's debut Sync City novel catapults us right into the action and continues world building as we hurtle through the plot alongside our hero. With a sequel on the way and a third novel brewing,  Peter Ryan is a world class talent to watch out for! I've bought a few copies and I urge you to do the same...I also bet my fedora that we'll be watching this on our video holograms in an alternative multiverse  damn soon! 
– Mike Donald

 I put a lot of energy into the comments I made throughout Sync City's chapters. I am really impressed by Peter Ryan's writing and the unique world he's crafting here. Above all, however, I think the voice of Sync City's protagonist is one of the most unique, gruff, and insightful I've encountered in a long while. Only the very best stories out there can match it. ...what the heck is a draft - can someone tell me why this isn't a book ? I for one would read the hell out of this thing. Looking forward to getting the rest someday! Consider me among your first pre-orders, Mr. Ryan, I'm looking out for your work! And I urge everyone else to keep Sync City on their radars as well. 
– Joseph Asphahani

 Great concept. Love the anti-hero, and Peter's writing is smooth with great pacing. Check it out. 
– Jen Elizabeth Rose

 Ryan has taken the traditional sci-fi genre and turned it on its head. From a fully realized world with its own laws to engaging characters, Sync City is truly a powerhouse of storytelling. All of these aspects would make for a compelling read, but the technical proficiency of the writing is the subtle platform that supports the world and the characters dancing on it. Truly a great read, and I look forward to more. 
– Stephen Carignan

 With prose that is intense, funny, and imaginative, Peter Ryan has obvious talent, and with Sync City we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure. This man needs funded and supported, STAT. (And I can say that, as I work in emergency medicine...which also means you should take it seriously. So why are you still reading my review? Didn't you hear me? Go pre-order Sync City, NOW!)
– Michael Haase

 Sync City is a compelling first person narrative with a guy whose both tough and thoughtful. I'm loving the story. 
– William Schiele

 Pretend there's a motorcycle-ridin' madman, swinging a heavy chain bearing down on you, and your only escape is reading Peter Ryan's first chapter. Like Arny famously said, GET TO DA CHAP-TAH! 
– Joseph Asphahani

 I don't normally do this, but Sync City is really a fun read... just check out the first line. If fish had hands, it would grab this book and yank... also he's an Aussie, but don't hold that against him. :^) 
– Vincent Lim

 A really fun concept (a broken machine, messed-up timelines wreaking havoc on Earth) centering around a really fun character. Give the excerpt a look. 
– Billy O’Keefe

 A great sci-fi detective noir piece with an engaging and grittlily realised main character that drags us kicking and screaming into the plot right from the start and never lets go! 
– Mike Donald

 Sounds like a great read! Someone left a review comparing this to Blade Runner. Reading the Episode 1 Scene 1, I have to agree! Can't wait to see where this one goes! 
– John Carter

 This is just to say that I LOVE the new cover AND you all should check out this book.
– Tabi Card

 Gritty! Future! Hard-boiled! Sync City is all of these and more! Why not give it a read? 
– Vivian V. Vulpes

 From world-building to engaging characters, Sync City is sure to keep readers entertained. Pre-order now! 
– Stephen Carignan

 Love the cover and writing style. Can't wait to read more! 
– M. Robert Randolph

 Sync City looks to be a really wonderful & unique book. If you can, please support the author by pre-ordering this fab novel! 
– H. Wardrope

 I'm already fascinated by Sync City. The initial vibe I'm getting is sort of a combined tribute to Judge Dredd and Looper. I'm always up for some gritty dystopian future action. Definitely check this one out! 
– Ben Thomas

 I have an inherent weakness for sci-fi noir in any form: there's simply no way I could pass this one up. Looking forward to reading it! 
– Evan Graham

 Sync City delivers what is promises on the tin. The main character is gritty and real, it explores a vast new world with a science-fiction premise and (my personal favorite) comments on society at large in the process. Grab your copy today, you won't be disappointed. 
– Landon Trine